Lead Management Tool

to drive sales revenue

Manage interactions with prospects by acquiring and organizing information by capturing prospects from multiple sources.

Lead Management Tool

Identify Qualified Leads effectively using Lead Management Tool

Organize prospect interaction information by capturing prospects from various sources and acquiring and organizing information.

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lead capture

Lead Capture

Connects your lead generation activities with sales opportunities by aggregating leads from several sources into a single platform, along with relevant information such as name, source, and company information.

track leads

Track Leads

Track each prospect's interests and preferences and deliver targeted calls, emails, SMS and Whatsapp to learn more about their preferences.

qualify leads

Qualify Leads

Track information about interests, capacities of your leads and how best can you serve their interests by maintaining records of qualifying data.

nurture leads

Nurture Leads

Nurture connections with leads in order to convert them into qualified prospects by creating strategies that have result in immediate revenue gains for businesses. 

distribute leads

Distribute Leads

Lead distribution ensures that the proper lead is given to the right sales rep and that information is communicated across the organisation so that everyone is on the same page.

What is Lead Management Tool?

Lead Management Tool is a systematic procedure for qualifying, analysing, and nurturing incoming leads in order to turn them into new business possibilities.Leads come in from a variety of sources, and sales-ready leads are transformed into deals in the lead management system.

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