Sales Tracking

To get real-time sales insight

Monitor and evaluate all aspects of your sales, including how transactions go through the pipeline, the duration of the sales cycle, and the number of leads followed up on.

Sales Tracking

Track the Sales Process for Every Prospect with Sales Tracking Software

Monitor and analyze all areas of your sales, such as how transactions go in the pipeline, the length of the sales cycle, and the number of leads pursued.

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performance tracking

Performance Tracking

Keep track of your sales reps and look at the metrics of calls, emails, SMS and responses.

lead tracking

Lead Tracking

Get effective lead tracking details by collecting data regarding their activity like last contact date, the next action or task, and status of the lead.

goal tracking

Goal Tracking

Get a balanced approach of your actiions and output of those by tracking the revenue goals, daily or weekly goals and total sales.

pipeline tracking

Pipeline Tracking

Track indicators such as total open opportunities, opportunities lost each day/week/month, sales cycle length, and monthly sales growth to get real-time statistics on how each deal is moving.

activity tracking

Activity Tracking

Get data about how the sales activity progresses and how many responses are received regularly for calls,emails and SMS.

funnel tracking

Funnel Tracking

Analyze sales KPIs such as total incoming leads, outbound leads, qualified prospects per month, and conversion rate for each stage of the sales cycle in push leads into the sales funnel.

What is Sales Tracking?

Sales tracking helps in the process of gathering important sales metrics, evaluating them, and applying them to improve your sales process to provide you with data on each stage of sales cycle. The goal of sales monitoring is to assess the performance of existing selling activities while also identifying opportunities for improvement.

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