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Analyze and keep track of every aspect of your sales, including the volume of transactions in your pipeline, the length of the sales cycle, and the number of leads that were followed up on.

Sales Tracker

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Track and keep an eye on a variety of aspects of your sales, including the pipeline of your transactions, the length of the sales cycle, and the number of leads you are looking for.

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performance monitoring

Performance Monitoring

Determine the success level of a sales team by analysing their performance. Establishing goals for sales teams and point areas for development.

lead monitoring

Lead Monitoring

Observe their behaviour, such as the last time they were contacted or the next task or action, to obtain accurate lead tracking data.

goal monitoring

Goal Monitoring

Use click-to-dial to call potential customers and leave voicemails. Call recordings should be arranged chronologically.

What is Sales Tracker?

A sales tracker is a piece of software that companies can use to monitor, control, and evaluate the effectiveness of their sales teams and procedures. It enables businesses to keep tabs on their sales pipeline, customer interactions, and salesperson performance. Sales trackers can also shed light on consumer behaviour and point out areas that require improvement. They can be used to monitor sales numbers, monitor client interactions, and project future sales.

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