Visual Cadence Builder

to design powerful workflows for team members

Create tasks and allocate them to salespeople. Set the task owner for each, then assign steps for each prospect and contact them directly.

Visual Cadence Builder

Setup Visual Workflows for Sales Reps

Accomplish your whole sales process from one modern, streamlined interface

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automatic emails

Automatic Emails

Set up a cadence with an Email Template to send personalized, consistent messages to prospects if the Email Template option is clicked.

call scripts

Call Scripts

Dial & send pre-recorded voicemails to prospects via click-to-dial. Set features like instant calling, call recording & contacting prospects chronologically.

assign workflows

Assign Workflows

Assign ownership to each task when setting the cadence, as well as to each script and task.

What is Visual Cadence Builder?

The Visual Cadence Builder allows teams to design, manage, and optimize sales sequences. It enables sales teams to create and automate sales sequences that are tailored to their prospects' specific needs. It assists sales teams in developing effective cadences focused on engaging prospects and driving conversions.

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