Data Scraping Crawler

to generate qualifying leads

Obtain data about companies or accounts by employing bots to help sales personnel compile information on potential clients.

Data Scraping Crawler

Uncover the Data You Need to Drive Your Sales

Maximize your sales potential with comprehensive account details at your fingertips.

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generate sqls

Generate SQLs

Utilize bots to gather information on sales-qualified leads from Twitter, LinkedIn, and other networks in order to automate sales workflow and nurture them.

scrape account details

Scrape Account Details

Identify key contacts by just entering a company's domain name, and extract details about companies making it easier for sales reps to engage with them.

update prospect lists

Update Prospect Lists

Select the prospects to be added and updated in the prospect list, run campaigns, and maximize outreach.

What is Data Scraping Crawler?

Data Scraping Crawler in a sales engagement tool automatically collects and stores data about a company’s customers, prospects, and activities. The data can include contact information, buying history, and other account details, and can be used to make more effective sales and marketing strategies.

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