Auto Dialer

to make automated-calls to prospects

Make automatic calls one after the other to the phone numbers in your contact list and play a selected audio file for each prospect. Customize the application to play different messages based on prospect responses. 

Auto Dialer

Make & Schedule Pre-recorded Messages to Anyone, Anywhere Easily.

Create a competent strategy through multiple channels to help reps assess what works to in a unified environment.

auto dialer leave note
sales script

Sales Script

Add a script to note down some key points or some data to read out during the call. Activate the text-to-speech feature for these scripts by selecting the appropriate option for each prospect.



Utilise the auto dialer to call potential customers and play your recorded message. Capture your own voice and transmit personalized message.



Use click-to-dial to send prerecorded voicemails to each prospect instantaneously. Enable call recording, sending text and emails based on their responses.

What is Auto Dialer?

An auto dialer is a phone system that automatically calls a preset list of numbers. It can be used for marketing or to reach out to customers or clients. The auto dialer can be set to call a certain number of times and at specific times. It can also be programmed to hang up after a certain amount of time or after it reaches a certain number of answered calls.

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