Status Management

to handle your sales pipeline

Prioritize tasks and enable sales manager to assign work, update information timely and track the status of the prospects throughout the sales process.

Status Management

Stay Organized and Monitor Prospects

Improve efficiency and effectiveness of the sales process, thus maximizing the conversions

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custom status

Custom Status

Enable sales team to effortlessly track accounts and prospects by creating their own customizable status.

modify status

Modify Status

Allow sales team to update current status of each prospect or account.

control cadence

Control Cadence

Utilize " Closed-Won " and " Closed-Lost " options to stop the cadence once the desired action is completed.

What is Status Management?

Status Management allows sales teams to easily track and manage the progress of deals and accounts. It helps sales reps to quickly identify the current status of each deal, enabling them to prioritize tasks and focus on the most important deals. It also provides visibility into the sales process, so sales teams can recognize potential issues and take corrective action to ensure deals don’t fall through the cracks. This helps to maximize sales efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

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