Advanced Search

to quickly identify relevant data

Find relevant information about contacts, accounts, and activities to aid the sales team in reaching out to the right leads.

Advanced Search

Get More Out of Your Sales Data

Access powerful search capabilities to quickly identify the best sale opportunities with advanced search!

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account search

Account Search

Provides customers with the ability to instantly search for accounts using parameters like company name, industry, location, size, and more.

prospect search

Prospect Search

Enables users to quickly locate specific prospects by filtering their database based on factors like geography, industry, job title, and other related data.

add tags

Add Tags

Assist salespeople in swiftly filtering, searching, and segmenting their client databases by categorizing vast amounts of data with tags.

What is Advanced Search?

Advanced Search in a sales engagement tool allows users to quickly find relevant data and contacts from a large database with multiple filters. Advanced search can be used to segment contacts based on criteria such as job title, geographic location, contact type, and more. It helps sales professionals quickly find the right leads and contacts that fit their criteria and reach out to them efficiently.

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