Account Management

to manage prospect accounts strategically

Track the status of each prospect to carry out your sales cycle effectively. Distinguish each prospect having specific title and work for the necessary consecutive step in the sales pipeline.

Account Management

Access Account-Based Tasks for Projects

Stay organized and provide better customer service for your potential customers

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manage account details

Manage Account Details

Implement a comprehensive account management strategy to unleash the power of your company by adding every element of the client's history.

create unlimited projects

Create Unlimited Projects

Create Projects to get tasks completed more collaboratively and quickly, whether you are working on a small project or managing a multi-team project for a company.

create customized notes

Create Customized Notes

Add, update, view, and organize notes and conversations to your account for the convenience of your sales reps.

authorize permissions

Authorize Permissions

Retain control to assignees to control what they can see and do in the application. Only people with Executive authority will get access to all deals, contacts, and leads.

What is Account Management?

Account management allows you to manage individual clients or corporations. The marketing cycle you implement will be tailored to those accounts. The objective is to target a certain list of desirable accounts in a personalised manner. 

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